I never planned to write a book, though I’ve been scribbling at an alarming rate for these past 15 years…just for myself. Writing is a friend who likes to listen. It has lead me often into surprising places…and deeper into understanding who I am and what I’m doing here!

This book, that seemed to have a will of its own from the start, grew out of these private scribblings and sketches of my mother during what turned out to be her final summer here with us.

It delights me that the book seems to trigger so many other people’s stories, and that all of our stories are so interconnected.

In her personal journal, Another Kind of Time, Joan Brady shares with us a look into her life. With elegance and style, in a play between shadow and light, Ms. Brady takes us on a journey toward healing as she and her mother spend their final days together.

Another Kind of Time is a tribute, an acceptance of life as it unfolds and a sensitive journal of a daughter’s vision of her mother and the relationship they shared.


“Joan B. Brady has invited us into the heart and soul of the private world that she shared with her mother. It is an elegant tribute to the best of our humanity, when it is inspired by love.”

Deepak Chopra
Author, The Path to Love

“Another Kind of Time is a moving, intimate picture of the relationship between a loving daughter and her dying mother. It is about the spiritual connections that grow stronger toward life’s end, A valuable contribution.

Larry Dossey, MD
Author, Healing Words