Published by Hudson Hills Press
Manchester and New York

ISBN # 1-55595-301-8 $50.00
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Joan Brady has made a name for herself with her exquisite watercolor paintings. In her work, masterful craftsmanship and boldness are combined with a subtle, feminine attention to beauty—the beauty of everyday life. With exactitude and tenderness she captures the fleeting moments of light and delight on a festive dinner table, in the onions and eggs in her kitchen, the lusciously served chocolate cake, the splendor of flower bouquets from her garden, the pensive face of a loved one, her dog sleeping under a quilt, a teddy bear resting from a long and well-hugged life in a favorite chair. . . . Haiku-like, these images catch in one second—the brief period of time allowed by the technique of watercolor painting—the flow and breath of time passing. This quality of timelessness and depth in the spur of the moment is matched by Joan Brady’s poems and prose pieces that follow the artist’s seasons of life and work in four chapters: Home, Studio, Garden, Voyaging Out. This autobiographical book of paintings and writings, Joan Brady’s second “artobiography,” takes the reader beneath the brushstrokes: through intimate celebrations and reflections of daily life, the struggles and challenges of an artist’s vocation, to moments of humor and illumination, to sensuous dreams and visions of spiritual fulfillment.